Critical Tom

Reflections on Graduate School (end of year six)

People say that graduate school is lonely. You’re starting over, classes are smaller and you take fewer. Almost no one lives on campus. Even if you have a large lab, you may start with only one other student, and they might leave to go work, especially after enduring a year of a meager stipend. People you know are getting married, having kids, and continuing down life’s path. You don’t have much money to travel to see old friends, and even if you budget for it, it’s difficult to justify time off – during the semester, your weekends are the most productive time (either in lab, or going to the grocery store), and during summer it’s time to actually get some work done around here!

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A Complaint

Here’s something that’s probably been said better by others, but it’s been bugging me for the past month(s).

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An old favorite song and a new song and a new band

I used to love the the song “Tell your story walking,” by Deb Talan.  I mean, I still do, but I used to, too (sorry, Mitch…).

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I was at at meeting where an employee of a large defense contractor was showing some slides of what their company does.  All I can think of is the fact that everything’s central purpose is to kill.  The defense contractor apologies for the noise his company’s death machines make as they take off from the nearby base.  There’s a few chuckles.  A bit disgusting, really.

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On being a terrible person

Imagine you’re at a meeting of a large number of people you’ve never met before.  Someone makes an announcement, then says their second-in-command also has an announcement.  That man stands up.

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